Phuket Nightlife Fun Entertainment

Nothing beats Phuket Nightlife Fun Entertainment in the south of Thailand

Phuket nightlife entertainment is such a great mixture of everything and draws millions of people every years into Phuket Nightlife.

There are the myriads of  bars, disco, go-go, pole dancing, coyote, nightclubs and great restaurants, some with dinner shows. Nightlife girls and ladyboys in the nightlife show business are mostly not 
from the island.

Phuket nightlife show at down town
Phuket nightlife show at down town

They come from the provinces around and from the north, but this won't matter anyway since all are looking and behaving somehow similar. Also the focus is the same, the money of the tourist, they are happy when they earn money with them and they give something in return. 

pretty young Thai women
Pretty young Thai women
young Thai women
Young Thai women

One of the returns could be a a few days with a pretty young Thai women, other versions are sexy massage shops such as Patong Christine or at Pearl hotel in the city plus some smaller ones at other places and there is always space for a spontaneous performance.

Spontaneous bar girls performance on the table
Spontaneous bar girls performance on the table

Other interesting  places are the night markets, they even have the mobiles were strangely decorated women run after the tourists trying to sell them all kind of small stuff like handicrafts, bangles, silver rings and other items. Don't let them come close to you since valuable thing quickly disappear, this is especially relevant with ladyboys and other freelancers around. The main attraction of this night bazaars are fake goods, they are dirt cheap in comparison and are mostly of good quality.

Phuket nightlife entertainment
Phuket nightlife entertainment

Restaurants and small bars

often come with live music with vibrant and loud bands where people from all over the world sit side by side and have fun. Singaporeans sitting beside English, Jewish dancing beside Muslims, Indian have a drink beside Pakistani and plenty of others, there are no problem whatever.

entertainment and dance shops
Entertainment and dance shops

The notorious Indian Tailor Shops, offering every possible clothing made to measure and the final product won't really fit . Actually this shops only function as front-end, the actual work is done in a shop elsewhere by Thai people. It often looks like somewhere in between this communication line information get lost. The result is clothing that won't fit at all.

down town nightclub at pink lady 2002
Downtown nightclub girls at pink lady 2002

Nightlife at Phuket City

at Patong, another is the Kata - Karon area . The main difference is the the city its less screaming and the ladies are more pretty. At Cafe's such as the Buddy Cafe, Pink Lady 2002 and similar its not so easy to take a lady with. At that area are also some of the biggest hotels. A cafe in the evening has nothing to do with one we know, this is more a karaoke bar with plenty of singing and dancing.

singing and dancing
Singing and dancing
singing and dancing
Singing and dancing 

If you have a problem with coming back to the west coast just use a motorbike taxi, you could also use them to go to down town in the first place. One thing is very important, don't use a tuk-tuk they will try to cheat you by any means. There are are a couple of very nasty things going on in the nightlife business here.

Sexy nightlife business at Pink Lady 2002
Sexy nightlife business

at Pink Lady 2002
nightlife business in south Thailand
Nightlife business in south Thailand

On top of it if you take use them they will ask commission from the place they bring you, that means they will bring you only to places where they rip you off because you will pay this commission. You wont see this but they do it, wherever you got with a tuk tuk on  you have a good chance to get ripped off since everyone has to pay commission to them. 

So stay away from this people, this is mafia they even often beat up tourists and puncture tires when a foreigner dare to put a car into their territory, this is not only here it also happen to me in Chiang Mai.

Pink Lady 2002
Pink Lady 2002
sexy in phuket town
Sexy in Phuket town
sexy show in phuket town
Sexy show in Phuket Town

Around the Royal Phuket City Hotel is Pink Lade 2002 and along the road towards east are some coyote bars, but be careful with them some sell tainted beer, means they pour all the beer leftovers from yesterday into a Heineken bottle and sell it as fresh beer. Actually I told this already 3 times to Heineken, they just don't care, it looks like they are supporting this practice since about 2 years ago since they changed the top closure at the bottles to make it much more easy to open and close junk beer bottles.

What can we learn from this? be careful with Heineken Beer in Thailand since they support flimsy practice with the effect that you have a bad taste and can get ill  very fast. Because nobody know who used this bottles before and what happen with this leftover content. They also dont clean anything it's somehow a bit weird here and companies such as Heineken do nothing from getting their customers to fall sick.

Clubs and bars are sizzling

More than 30 nightclubs, one is Buddy Cafe, bars, discos, cabaret, cafe's with all kind of entertainment offered are at the town. Its more for the taste of Thai people, in comparison nightlife at Patong and elsewhere on the island is rather loud and active, tourists like that.

dancing coyote at Buddy Cafe
Dancing coyote at 
Buddy Cafe
Hot dancing coyote at Buddy Cafe
Hot dancing coyote at Buddy Cafe

Actually this relaxed style is exactly what makes Phuket Town attractive, on top of it almost every spot has a restaurant inclusive and usually pretty girls around. The main idea is ..don't think - get drunk and have fun !! 

Coyote dancing at Buddy Cafe
Coyote dancing at Buddy Cafe

Show and karaoke action are at Pink Lady 2002 and similar at Buddy Cafe and other places. Either performed by a group or just a solo show with some sexy content. Actually night action always has something to do with sexy stuff. Great are ladyboy shows, with very beautiful and richly decorated costumes.

What about a great stag weekend?

This swept over from England some years ago, here is a vibrant island, just the right place for the great party, a perfect destinations with beautiful ladies and an incredible vicinity. This weekend, or maybe longer, will not just be another one. 

During day time is almost eternal sunshine, emerald colored sea, great beaches etc. its pure pleasure. To relax and get into the mood great spa's of all type, like herbal spa and Thai massage.

The center of gravity is Bangla Road at Patong

Bangla Road at Patong Beach
Bangla Road at Patong Beach
Go-go girls at Patong
Go-go girls at Patong
During daytime full of busy delivery pick up's come to life after 8 pm. With myriads of bars, go go nightclubs, open air shops along the road and the Soi branching off Bangla Road.
Every evening probably around 5.000 Thai girls and young guys from all over the country offer their services to thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Dozens of mini-skirted ladies hang around at this fun zone. Some "farang" have a little flirt with them, sometimes followed by action in one of the many cheap hotels.

Soi Eric is one of the more organized spots at Patong. They have one sound system for the whole area. At most of the other every bar has its own music banging out the noise at full power.

Imaging you have 30 bars at a Soi, each bar play their own music at full throttle and each is just 2m away from the other ? That's welcome to Thai nightlife, crazy, mad and totally careless about the others.
It looks like there is no action in a Phuket night without girls ready to entertain you. The same is with gay and lesbian entertainment plus ladyboy fun. Actually this can go wild quickly and easily, they have hormone problems and this can go out of control.   

When you are exploring the night you will find plenty of tattoo shops 

doing a excellent business. They are quite cheap compared to US or Europe, most work during night hours. Most have a hygienic environment and they use modern equipment such as tattoo guns. The result is pretty artwork in the night, they are usually open until 2 am. Be careful not to go there after you had a couple of beers, since you might regret after when you have a clear head again. More about tattooing in Phuket is here.    

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