Bangla Road Patong

The center of nightlife on the island is Bangla Road Patong

This is a unique and spectacular epicenter of nightlife on the island, there are hundreds of bars, nightclubs, go-go bars, restaurants, ladyboys and thousands of Thai bar girls.

Bangla road patong
Bangla road Patong

Here you will see a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, but this is a positive one. Its fun at beer 

bars, some massage and sheer pleasure on your trip. Just have a drink, take the "butterflies", have fun and fly away, don't think and enjoy pure pleasure, nobody tells you don't do this and don't do that. No selection of the crowd at the entrance, sneakers, clothes are also not an issue.
go-go girls at Bangla Road
Go-go girls at Bangla Road

Like one of the dancer?

negotiate a price and go somewhere to get things flying, in Thaiglish that's "bam bam", everyone like it and they are very experienced to bring even the most shy guy up and running. 
Dancing nightclub girls 

Here are nightclub girls and I guess you know what's your next sexy travel destination is for great nightlife. Here you get what you are missing or/and never experienced in all the years back, trust me, this is no joke ! Somehow this is a kind of pleasure dome, just go and get it, it works and no problems, prices start at about Baht 1500,-.

Every evening around 5000 young women, guys and lady-boys move into the fun district, actually it is not only this road where "the music plays" there are several similar settings only a bit smaller.

lady-boys at Bangla Road
Lady-boys at Bangla Road

Left and right are small streets they call Soi in Thai which usually open up a bit further into yards of various sizes. Around are bar and nightclub cluster offering the sexy things again. About 15 minutes walk is the Paradise Complex around the hotel with the same name which is a dedicated gay section with everything what you see here but for the back side lover.

soi crocodile
Soi crocodile

Near to the Ocean end of the street is Soi Crocodile a strange place full of ladyboys who somehow are some kind of zombies it's incredible what they  are doing there. But some of them look like real beautiful women also they are renovated guys. The problem with them is many are pickpockets and steal everything which is valuable and easy to take, be careful.

ladyboys at Soi Crocodile
Ladyboys at Soi Crocodile

A little further down on Uttaradit road
At Uttaradit road

A little further down on Uttaradit road is Christine massage with dozens of women who do a great soapy with a happy ending. I am always mesmerized when I see this word constructions around the stuff people are shy to say clearly. But there is no shyness around here everyone speaks very clear such as "ping pong banana" and "bungalow bam bam" etc. got the message?

Especially after some beers the emotions run higher

emotions run high
Emotions run high

and a trek to the cheap hotels behind the road starts where the horizontal business goes ahead. This are the places where people unchain themselves and brush off their mental cuffs, everyone gets happy.

epicenter of Phuket nightlife
Phuket nightlife at Songkran

That's the way it is done. This is the epicenter of Phuket nightlife and it’s a real great one, trust me. The philosophy is drink, don't think, have fun and chase the ladies. But here it wont mean automatically to drink yourself unconscious similar to a British stag party.

positive thinking Thai bar girls
Positive thinking Thai bar girls

Here about 5000 nice and positive thinking women are working in vertical and often in horizontal position, when the nature screams and things must be done. Similar street are plenty in Asian countries the next similar is Walking Street in Pattaya.

Bangla Road East End
East End of the street

Tiger bar and disco at Patong

tiger bar at Patong girls dancing
Tiger bar at Patong girls dancing
tiger bar at patong
Tiger bar at Patong

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