Thailand Nightlife, Locations, Bar Girls fun and Nightclubs

Thailand nightlife, girls, gay, bars, nightclubs, พัทยา 芭堤雅 Паттайя पटाया

The fun in the night is not only in tourist centers, every bigger city in the country has substantial activities after the sun disappears, it is almost always dancing, drinking and pleasure with women. 

Go-go barsand gay oriented nightclubs,  & markets this is fun and probably the best on planet earth. The real great nightlife destinations are Bangkok, PattayaPhuket, Hua HinHat Yai and Sadao at the border to Malaysia. 

one night in Bangkok
One night in Bangkok
Katoeys in Phuket
Katoeys in Phuket

Nightclub at Soi Cowboy
Nightclub at Soi Cowboy
go-go bar at Patpong
Go-go bar at Patpong

In the capital it's Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, Patpong, Thaniya Plaza and other smaller places.

find some girls to take away at Sadao
Find some girls to take away at Sadao

Hot strip show at Hat Yai
Strip show at Hat Yai

But most people want to be grilled by the sun at beaches, plus adventure travel, fun and more.

Excitement with ladies who get you vibrating, make some great photos. Just sit down at a bar and watch the crowd or take one of the girls with you.

If you don’t want close encounters just have some beers and soak in the ambiance. The party is on until about 2 am and interesting encounters are waiting after. This is a great vacation destination with myriads of beaches, islands in the Andaman Sea, jungle, mountains in west and north, great national parks and more.

At the beaches nothing much happen at night beside of some "full moon parties" at Ko Samui and Phangan, this happenings are safe and rather seldom something negative happen. In general don't swallow stuff people sell for "enhancement" and only drink from a bottle you open.

Bar Girls
Dancing bar girls at Pattaya's walking street, this is one of the most famous nightlife spot in Asia, probably in the whole world. This job won't need any particular education it's all pure natural, ok, dont forget a condom.

There are plenty of temptations in form of pretty women, gay clubs and for the hybrid version. 

Great restaurants are around

thailand nightlife seafood restaurant
Great Thai seafood restaurant
Food courts and street food stalls are virtually at ever second corner, if you are looking for local food its naturally a match, only tell them “mai pet” which means not hot otherwise you cant eat this.

 If you are on a slim budget use the street food. Sidewalk stalls are offering all kind of food, usually in a buffet style and any drink just out of the refrigerator.

There is good stuff available from almost every corner of the globe, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian and even Mexican and Russian etc. is available. This are not so called upmarket eatery with a unreasonable price tag most is quite affordable, actually this is one of the reasons why people choose the country as a vacation destination.

Thailand nightlife and lady-boys at soi crocodile patong phuket

The country has an incredibly easy going attitude, reasonably priced seafood and quite a lot which has something to do with sexy stuff. Many people don’t understand this because they have been blocked from childhood on with all kinds of nonsense. They are missing out on something but this they also don’t know because they are blocked.

tiger disco at patong phuket
Tiger disco at Bangla Road Patong Phuket

This is a great fun equalizer because nobody cares about anything unless it's tang and thong, that means money and gold. That is the medium which wakes up the people and get them moving and dancing. On the other hand, this is probably one if the countries with most holidays, actually on average there is at least one additional day off per week. 

go-go dancing in a Phuket nightclub
Go-go dancing in a Phuket nightclub

No need to look like a Hollywood movie star,

even when you are handicapped most of them are still positive and let you enjoy some sexy things without any problems.

some cute thailand nightlife girls
Some cute nightlife girls

Myriads of cute ladies are waiting for you in the tourist centers,  there are some attempts to broaden that and create some action at Khao Lak, Krabi and Trang but this is only on very little scale, by no means matching the bigger ones.

pretty nightclub entertainment
Pretty nightclub entertainment

There are stylish nightclubs but most are rather a bit rotten and flimsy it's plenty of hush-hush only. Every day some new ideas are coming up, when they show something which draws the crowd they are copied immediately. 

Hua Hin on the seaside south west of Bangkok has also some substantial life after the sun disappears. Hua Hin and Pattaya are extensions of the capital easily accessible via motorways where the weekend crowd from the big city is moving in plus myriads of Tourists. 

Pattaya walking street
Pattaya walking street

There are high rise apartment blocks directly on the beach side and several luxury hotels, all have one in common, beach live during the day and a great time in the night.

thailand nightlife with russian girls at pattaya

Since around 2011 there is a virtual Tsunami with business women from Russia coming to enjoy a tropical beach environment. It wont matter where you are there is always something going on in the night to have fun with pretty women and other sexy encounter.

pretty nightclub girls
Pretty nightclub girls

It's not the boring stuff as elsewhere where the guys hang around a bar, disco or nightclub and just get the beer, whisky, wine or whatever into the system.

If you are not so much after the action explore one of the night markets, they are virtually at every second corner and after some bargaining you might make a good deal.

pretty go-go dancing at walking street pattaya
Go-go dancing at
walking street Pattaya
Nightclub girls at Pattaya
Nightclub girls at Pattaya

Pretty nightclub Girls

are some kind of of real pleasure with plenty of single and free ladies available. They are coming to this tourist spots from everywhere in the country, with the majority from the north to work in go-go bars, lounges, restaurants and clubs games.

little game perhaps
Little game perhaps

They grow up somewhere, maybe worked in the paddy fields and dream of a better and more exciting life, others from the village maybe come home and show the money they made in the tourist centers and this encourages the others to follow them. There is nothing organized everything is rather chaotic and event driven. 

There are lots of interesting items available at the night markets 

which are opened in the evening and busy until about midnight. They have plenty of things available for the tourists such as hill tribe silver jewelry which is mostly a good buy.

It needs tough negations otherwise they "pull you over the table". Cheap DVD's are available, clothing, shoes, handbags, watches and plenty of other stuff.

Farang at Songkran
Farang at Songkran

Maybe a “farang” come back with them, this western guys are object of desire since it mostly implicates better life is coming, but sometimes not. Taking the long haul bus to the capital and change to another one in the south.

Some of them have problems to get the money for travel, its about Baht 500,- to Bangkok  and another 700,- further down, its less to Pattaya and Hua Hin. They can easily find a job, not only on the sexy side of live. 

What about lady-boys?

Its' amazing how many tourists are coming with the idea to have some pleasure encounter with them or in the gay scene. But most are interested in pretty women even if you are not as young as you wish anymore that’s not a problem here they have different values. The tourists are getting happy with the new companion and real good pop music. All this is available for male and female tourist in the gay and lesbian direction boundaries on this subjects are very diffuse.

Thailand nightlife at Patong Phuket
Patong Bangla Road at Songkran

Patong Beach on Phuket Island

Patong Beach View
Patong Beach View

e.g. has one of the largest gay and lesbian community in Asia and and probably is the best environment for a great trip, there is something for everyone. Sometimes this is a little bit difficult to understand because most of the people think about  relative to the stuff they hear from the media in Europe, USA etc.

But the media in Europe and elsewhere have no much knowledge what's going on here in South East Asia and everyone knows, only negative news are good news. Means most you hear about is nonsense.

dancing go-go at patong
Dancing go-go

This is a very safe country, even if your hear some bad news sometimes putting it into proportion to any other country its still very seldom something negative happen to tourist. 
On your trip be careful with ladyboys, money from your pocket disappears very often and very quick if they are around. 

Thai lady-boys dancing
Thai lady-boys dancing

They jailed 80 of them the other day at Patong who came in from Pattaya to help the guys from the US navy who were in for a fun trip to empty the wallet.

Ok, there is the usual cheating going on every time you want to buy something, especially on one of the great night markets, there are virtually thousands of them, but its under your control to say no and move on. In general, never pay more than about 40% of a requested price.

Pattaya Walking Street

Pattaya Walking Street Nightlife Girls, Freelancer, Ladyboys, พัทยา 芭堤雅 Паттайя पटाया

Pattaya walking street is one of the top Thailand nightlife mile with dozens of nightclubs, go-go bars, myriads of Thai and Russian girls who all try to pull money from the foreigners. With locals this is not organized, they just come and go as they like, but with the Russians it is real organized prostitution.

A very common incident is that you get involved in something either a women or a ladyboy they will add some drops of a liquid into your drink, you get unconscious and after the strip you, this is happening every day.

They love them
They love the
ladyboy at walking street

Here are some of this people in Pattaya at walking street and beach road.

Pattaya walking street
Pattaya walking street

Pattaya Go-Go Girls
Pattaya Go-Go Girls

Welcome to Pattaya
Welcome to Pattaya

Pattaya Game
Pattaya Game

Thai Girls Game
Thai Girls Game

Sexy Holiday

Thailand is the destination for sexy holiday there is no other country which can match.

Sexy holiday in Thailand are exactly what many men are searching for it's quite unique, although there are other destinations they cant match. But this might change in the near future there is new one in the region with a interesting nightlife and girls, this is Myanmar.

Sexy holiday in Pattaya
Sexy holiday in Pattaya

This is Asian real time dating which is conterminously increasing in popularity, Thailand nightlife is an excellent example for this.

Speed dating in Phuket
Speed dating in Phuket 

Most men in search for pleasure holidays come to countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine and Myanmar or Burma, there they find the exotic stuff they are after it. Some want to build up a sincere relation but most won’t find that, connections are only money related, so better get some information first. 

girls pick up show
Girls pics and pick up show

The first thing to is check some bars and nightclubs, this are the best for a quick pick up results. There is for sure fun and pleasure but don’t think about love, this is a business relation they want your money and that’s it.

The young women who hang around

in the tourist centers and maybe work as dancer in a go-go club or beer bar, they usually have a poor background and very often are the hope of the whole family to strike it rich via a foreigner called “farang” since almost any Thai things a foreigner is a rich person such as a moving ATM machine where they only must press the button and money comes, this is no yoke, the people really think that seriously.

Bar girls are only one version of the sexy game, an excellent short time experience you can have by visiting one of the bigger massage saloons, a soapy one will be the right one and a happy ending is almost for sure. They have this in every bigger city in particular in Thai style hotels, not in the international lodgings, prices are from Baht 1500,- upwards. They have the same for men, they usually call is sauna club.

Bar Girls at Patong

Some of the hot stuff are Bar Girls at Patong Phuket's Bangla road.

There are myriads of Bar Girls at Patong, usually are go-go clubs where dozens of them laze around and wait for the big spender.

Bar Girls in Bangkok

Bar Girls in Bangkok are working in the center of the country

and that is for sure the biggest nightlife market in the country, all roads lead to the capital and there is a excellent road travel network by bus from everywhere in the country. This makes it easy to hop on a bus or train to make some money in the nightlife business maybe to support the family somewhere in the north. Also plenty of young women from Laos are using this option.

Bar Girls in Sadao

Bar Girls in Sadao are totally dedicated to Malaysians,

even at the bars, discos, nightclubs and restaurants they pay in Ringgits and not in Baht. The guys from across the border come here to pick up some girls or ladyboys in the discos or karaoke and bang them, thats the main idea. 

The next similar place where there is some nightlife available is Penang which is around 200 km south. Who wants to look TV only in the night because some Muslim clerics command it? > nobody, people live in the 21th Century and not in 1600 AD. 

Sadao Bar Girls
Sadao Bar Girls

Sadao Bar Girls for Pickup
Sadao Bar Girls for Pickup

Sadao girls in the disco
Sadao girls in the disco

Bar Girls at Hat Yai

Bar Girls at Hat Yai are mainly serving Malaysian men.

Bar Girls at Hat Yai dont have much business anymore since some lunatic Islamist had some bombs blasted in the city in 2012 business is down. Now the guys from Malaysia just stay at the border town which is Sadao Danok and spend their money there. Since Thai sniff very quick when money can be made they pulled up several huge discos where the girls and ladyboys are presented and Hat Yai drys out.

Hat Yai Bar Girls
Hat Yai Bar Girls

Hat Yai Bar Girls Dancing
Hat Yai Bar Girls Dancing

Looking at the situation some deals must have been struck with the terrorists for not placing bombs there, it also could be that they dont dare because most guys come from across the border and the people behind all this terror in south Thailand are in Malaysia supported by the government and financed by Arabs.

Hat Yai Bar Girls
Hat Yai Bar Girls
Hat Yai Bar Girls
Hat Yai Bar Girls